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When I reach this goal, I'll draw a short comic featuring Maleficent ( made by the choice of my patrons)
www.mavisdraws.com - exclusively - it will be something amazing, awesome and cool ! Just kidding. It will be dumb and fucked up shit as usual...
The goal is reached and can be seen and followed here :

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Jo and Marge

Johanna and Margette are characters from my ongoing comic strip named "The Request".  The comic is available to my patrons-only, and those who decide to become patrons now will help with pushing back to getting back to the goal that triggers me to draw "Maleficented".

Just a heads up Jo and Marge won't get involved in lesbian relations, because I already created the story and the main character/protagonist/ in all this thing is actually the ginger guy - Johanna's husband, Klaus. We're following his mistakes and decisions. What we see is actually the desire of a client, who liked how these two look and commissioned me to draw them together as we see them.