A Pirate Story

” A pirate story” is an ongoing comic strip, that lasts over 13 pages (so far). This comic is a result of the highest possible tier reward ($100), that I’m currently having on my patreon.
The comic is based on the characters from the game “Sea of Thieves” – an online MMORPG game, where people can assemble their own crews, solve mysteries, take quests or attack other players. Click on the thumb to see the bigger page.
It follows the path of Ash /a fem-guy/ on his quest to become a real woman (with tits and vagina). It’s a strange mixture between Pinocchio and Little Mermaid, but has a lot of sex, with pirates, barmaids, and prostitutes. The comic started with me painting it with my illustration style, but after some negotiations and discussions about the time I need to produce a comic page with such style, the author of the idea agreed for me to proceed with my work on the comic using my comic style /with the lineart/. The idea remains the same as well as the characters’ looks. Once the comic is finished, I will include it in my archives, but until then it’s available to the people who choose to become¬†WATCHERS tier on my patreon. Sample images are totally clickable.