A Witch Doctor Character

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Okay – I’m on Instagram and there I’m having merely 20 followers ?! Anyways. I’m posting there my stuff, whilst trying not to break the rules like to be careful not to post any nudity in my artworks (Which I have to admit is not easy, since 95 % of my commissioned works are explicitly explicit, and by that I mean deeks , hard teits and stiff vajinaz).
Anyways. I posted a joke with an endowed guy /clothed, but his junk is clearly shaped under his clothing/ and a young journalist is asking him questions… I’m aware that sometimes people or company robots /are not the robots like Optimus  Prime/, but spammy codes that crawl around the sites and lay under the comment sections false comments that should look like comment, but in fact advertises their companies or businesses.
AND There’s that African Witch doctor who shamelessly advertises his business under this drawing of mine.
The guy was healing HIV, AIDS, Leprosy, Solves Visa problems, bringing your lovers back – he even have a Facebook with zero followes, where he photographed his “office” – presumably a hut, altar with coconut shells, limbs of animals, lizards. There was icon of an afrikan person dressed as a religious patriarch and ffs – I couldn’t stand on that bullshit – and deleted his comment.
The guy actually was trying to expand his business to Europe and US.
This all thing made me create a con-art witch doctor :

I kept screenshots of his comment, before I delete it.

I decided to make the character female since the main characters here are only male ones. She’ll be a con-art Witchdoctor and probably
will be part of the comic – from time to time, but won’t be having a significant part. She’ll be there for the comedy.
Anyways – I’ll be happy if you help me to choose her looks from the poll I started on Twitter:

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