About Me


I’m Dave “Mavis” Rooder,  aka Mavruda. /Not my real name/. I’m a self-taught artist. 

I’m fairly well educated, speak three languages (one of these is my mother tongue) and my hobbies are: drawing, reading books, watching movies and playing video games.
A while ago I used to go to dance classes with my wife, but that no longer happens due to the money problem. Despite that I’m nearing my 50s, I find the fart jokes very funny – the same goes with the immature humor. That’s what I’m intending to upload or do here.
I will not share details of the real me anytime soon – as it’s boring and not funny at all.

NICHES I am exploiting

Took me a lot of time to choose the niche I am comfortable with. In the end, I choose to draw popular characters from :
1. comics /DC and Marvel/ 
2. games /Established ones, not the browser games or those from independent developers/, 
3. cartoons or anime /depicted in my style/

I also found that I have my own stories to tell, but since English is not my mother tongue, I prefer to “tell” these stories in the form of comics. Thus people won’t pay much attention to the typos but to the incorrect anatomy of the characters I drew.
The purpose of this page is to advertise my patreon account and all the stuff I do or present.

The comics you are about to download here are purely fictional and none of these represent my real attitude toward women, people, or any community. My original goal is to make people laugh. I’m for the comedy here. That’s about the comics I do. On this site I no longer will show my explicit NSFW works – links to these are on the right-side panel of my site. Some of the illustrations or comics might have NSFW scenes – but those will be available to my patrons only at  : https://www.patreon.com/mavis
 If you want to commission me check first : my  list of things I am avoiding drawing. This list is helping me to work in my comfort zone.

Some Words about the content 
I’m not bound to draw a specific fetish – so the guys who are into certain stuff shouldn’t be expecting me to do this thing constantly and only. If I should draw a thing – it’s for comic purposes, not praising it. The exclusion is the commissions I do – their ideas are not mine.

I’m a fan of STAR WARS, mythologies, book reading, and good food. I’m 100% straight, friendly, and pretty talkative on chat.
I work better if I draw within my comfort zone – and that includes characters from games, animated flicks, and comics. For some time I create my own characters who live in their own world. I hope people will enjoy them.
My comics have a cartoonish style. That means they are meant to be silly, stupid – or just absurd.
None of those should be considered hateful, instigating, or proclaiming hate, misogyny, race supremacy, or anything that can be considered offensive. Any of the characters you’d see here or inside my patreon are drawn to be of legal age and all the stories drawn or made up by me,  are made up to be parodies – which means, they should entertain the public. Therefore – Do not sue me over parodies or drawings ordered by other people, or drawn by me.
Until 2016 I wasn’t aware of any of the anime shows and the characters that made people drool. I am talking directly with my clients on Discord and that’s how I found out more about the popular characters. I didn’t watch Cartoon Network, Manga, or Hentai. I haven’t played any of the popular games. My clients introduced me to these.
Since then I started to browse the memes from Reddit and around.  

IMPORTANT Note: You might recognize characters from known children’s shows here (for example Dora the Explorer, Mandy from Grim Adventures, etc) – please have in mind that I drew these as fully grown and developed people /larger breasts, wide hips, taller stature – everything that speaks of an adult person. As a PATREON artist, I am obliged to their conditions of the content – the same goes for my patrons, the public, and clients. Please read the following text sent to me by Patreon Safety Team

Please re-read the statement above and If you still find any of that offensive – please leave my site immediately and concentrate on your own life.