Battle of Supes: Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna

A fewer months ago /back in 2022/ I started a comic parody series featuring known heroines from Marvel and DC and I put them into made-up “duels”, which are not actual duels but sexy comedy sketch stories. Some of the panels from these I decided to animate the way you see here below. And… here we are – The third issue is a fact.
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As you may see some of the panels contain crispy movement – but from some time I like doing this and you can see it even on some of the pages of Nicholas.
37 pages total, 17 of them are kinda animated. By plans I had to finish the project on 8th of February, but I got sick of the flu and I’ve been pinned on bed for 3 straight days.

The plot in these is one and same /somehow/ known heroine from Marvel faces another from DC – and they start “fighting” each other.
The violence is mild, more like comic. The characters do not respond to their real nature in comics. After all I’m doing a parody and the goal is to make fun and have fun.

The dialogues and situations are always silly and dumb, to funny at its best. Or at least they have to be. This comic will be available to patrons of all tiers for a month and half, before it’s taken out into archives. Then it’ll be available on demand only to supporters who pledge $10 on my patreon.

My Hero Academia

A commission from 2022 : Momo @ Midnight.

I have to admit that I haven’t seen the show, since I’m not much of a manga fan. I have recently been watching “Arkane” and find the show very interesting and astonishing. It somehow reminds me of the “Avatar” series, bearing a similar spirit, but with elements of machines, magic and great animation and story. And again – I didn’t play the game /League of legends/. So that’s that.

Madame Hydra and Black Widow

A commission from the past year. I think Natasha has been defeated here.

Recently I don’t have much time to work on “Nicholas”, since I took a lot of commissions. That means there will be more money on the table for the month, but I’ll be unhappy because I haven’t worked on the comic…

Hermione’s Halloween

Halloween came and go. We don’t celebrate this one here – as I mentioned in some previous posts on my blog.
Hermione and the monstrous pumpkin: she’s being tentacled until she gets ahegao face. 🙂
That’s about it.
I am about to upload some stuff from the previous year, so stick around for more.