Battle of Supes: Elektra vs Halrey Quinn (parody)

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Hey yo guys ! The second issue of “Battle of Supes” is out ( by that I mean inside my patreon ). And has up to 25 pages.
Again the story is utterly silly or dumb at it’s most, senseless and idiotic as well. Some of the panels to some of the pages are animated, because sometimes I find it fun to do some animated stuff.

About the “rules” of the ” fights” in these comics : patrons vote who will win. I draw the story .
The characters fight or don’t exactly fight – the world I put them doesn’t work as in the comics. The character that achieves more orgasms loses the fight. At some point the “creator” /that’s me/ drops a package : a weapon that will decide the result of the fight.
The “weapon” is usually a weird dildo, a toy of some sort which once applied to any of the opponents that guarantees the win to the other one. Those weapons have funny names like ” Hammer of Horny” – which makes characters horny once they bonk each other’s heads.
Or dildo of Ahegao, which practically makes the character mindless because of the orgasm.
So guys, whats it going to be ? Join me to see the comic and to vote on the next couple /comic strip.
Or stick around and wait for the next page of “Nicholas The bard” to come out ?


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