Mercy Graves

She’s a DC villainess. And a Lexcorp employee I guess. The thing is that this very same drawing of her has a few versions of her with less clothes – those currently can be seen inside my patreon, but keep in mind guys that after some time I’m pulling these out and offering them in my gumroad store.

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A Robin

A Robin (a.k.a Stephanie Brown) – got my own version of her today. The Source of “inspiration” was a so-called “cosplay” model from Brazil, which name I can’t remember…. All I remember  is that she was thick. If you enjoy my stuff shown here, consider becoming my patron by clicking the button below this post. I’ve prepared a little more of a version of this same post here.

Featuring Selina Kyle

Commissions featuring Catwoman. For their own reason the commissioner liked the look of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman from the recent Batman. I’m totally okay with that, except for Batman himself, BUT who am I to judge why the people choose this guy to be the Batman. I was mildly disappointed when they picked Ben Affleck for the previous versions, and now this guy…. welp.

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