Halloween with Cassie and Connor

Here, where I live, we don’t have the practice to celebrate Halloween. The past 10 years that holiday came to us and lured by the western culture, some people accepted that custom and send their children for a trick-or-treat experience. There are people who didn’t accept that custom so a lot of kids are left without candy and when they respond with eggs, they sometimes get a lot of blessings to their mothers and if the man is angry enough – and scary enough they might even get a proper beating…

Anyways. It was Halloween.

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Battle of Supes: Elektra vs Halrey Quinn (parody)

Hey yo guys ! The second issue of “Battle of Supes” is out ( by that I mean inside my patreon ). And has up to 25 pages.
Again the story is utterly silly or dumb at it’s most, senseless and idiotic as well. Some of the panels to some of the pages are animated, because sometimes I find it fun to do some animated stuff.

About the “rules” of the ” fights” in these comics : patrons vote who will win. I draw the story .
The characters fight or don’t exactly fight – the world I put them doesn’t work as in the comics. The character that achieves more orgasms loses the fight. At some point the “creator” /that’s me/ drops a package : a weapon that will decide the result of the fight.
The “weapon” is usually a weird dildo, a toy of some sort which once applied to any of the opponents that guarantees the win to the other one. Those weapons have funny names like ” Hammer of Horny” – which makes characters horny once they bonk each other’s heads.
Or dildo of Ahegao, which practically makes the character mindless because of the orgasm.
So guys, whats it going to be ? Join me to see the comic and to vote on the next couple /comic strip.
Or stick around and wait for the next page of “Nicholas The bard” to come out ?


Cassandra and Connor

A commission I’ve made a couple of months ago. I made a lot of these the past few months actually – It’s awesome to have a persisting client who’s taste matches yours. In this case, they are very much into DC’s Cassie Cain and her love interest: Connor Kent, aka Con El.
Lately, however I haven’t had much time to work on commissions, due to some other stuff aside from art. BUT I also started that another ongoing project “Battle of Supes”, which takes it’s toll from my time. For Battle of Supes, I don’t upload every page one by one, but all at once when they’re ready.


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Upcoming Harley vs Elektra

So guys – a second comic is coming along and it’s in the works. This time it features Harley Quinn and Elektra.

My patrons suggested these names and the poll decided the winner to be Harley Quinn – yes the decision has been made in advance – and based on this I am going to create a comic strip similar to the first issue I already created : Supergirl Vs Captain Marvel. Same style, different idiotic situations ending with NSFW explicit stuff.
There won’t be many males in this comic, so …
Anyways. This time I don’t upload the comic page by page – but once the entire “product” is finished, so my patrons should be patient until I come with that.
While they wait, I came with some lineart pinups of those two – my take on their design and looks ( as it may differ slightly from their original ones).

This time I did something in addition. In order to show my devotion to this project, I decided to record the process of drawing. For example Harley has been drawn by using Clip Studio Paint time-lapse option. It’s a good thing, but in the end, I forgot that the time lapse there comes with a less than minute video. Still I’ve got a record of it here :

And then I came with her opponent – over here : Elektra. I have to admit that I know only a few about these two. The only thing I know is from the movies the companies launched the past several years – and Elektra to me was just Jennifer Garner. The movie sucks a major donkey c*ck  TBH – I won’t get into details since I forgot all about it – and I don’t want to remind myself what was it about. Probably bad scenario, but still I had to read about Elektra in comic database and learn more about her.
What I found there was nothing to do with Jennifer Garner’s pouty lips, cute face, and performance that shows off fearsome aerobics and probably amazing Kegel skills ( we couldn’t know if that’s true, but I hope so). Anyhoo – Elektra has to be a really crazy one – a f***ed up mind who somehow loves the killing.
Still I can’t do that in a comic that has to be a sex comedy of some kind. So I had to switch off some of the known facts and bend those into my own purposes.

And oh, yeah – check the process of this one – this time I used Bandi Cam – software – I bought that thing 5 years ago and it’s pretty good software for recording your stuff.
Sadly I can’t just upload cool music that should fit my mood without copyright things – and I just used what youtube offered me as a free option – and as timing that should fit somehow the time of the time-lapse video here. If you enjoy the time lapse videos of mine, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel.
As for the next issue – I’ll be waiting inside my PATREON where you can suggest the next couple of heroines – and discuss the current ones.

Battle of Supes : Supergirl Vs Captain Marvel

Hello people! I present you my newest ongoing project. It’s called the “Battle of Supes” and it will be presented to my patrons only.
My patrons choose by a poll who will win in advance, and who the opponents will be. The condition for the moment is that the heroines have to be from different comic publishers. Marvel vs DC.
It’ll be my job to come up with the story, fight, and the secks. There will be no deaths, wounds, fear or tears, or pain in these – I dislike that shit, instead, the situations will be funny, 100% silly, and absurd. All this on purpose.
I will be counting on my patrons to introduce me to the heroes and their abilities: in order for me to know what they do – by commenting on my post inside my patreon. There’s something very specific though: I turn all that thing into comedy and the characters will not act as their usual selves.
The situations are %100 silly, absurd or awkward – as I already mentioned. So the hardcore fans of the superhero genre might be a little bit disappointed because their favorite heroines don’t do what they do in regular comics. Guys, please don’t be angry – I do this for the fun and for the comedy.
The comic is currently finished, and presented to all my patrons – it has 12 fully colored pages ( 1 has an animated panel ). I also included the final pinup of the winning heroine (with and without her costume), just for the fun. My patrons choose for this first fight the winner to be Supergirl.
This comic will be available to my patrons and will stay inside my patreon until the 10th of November 2022.
After that date, the comic will be pulled out, and stored in my archives – so it should be offered as a reward to the patrons of the “OBSERVERS” tier.
If you like the idea, style or basically if you enjoy my stuff – consider becoming my patron !

Mercy Graves

She’s a DC villainess. And a Lexcorp employee I guess. The thing is that this very same drawing of her has a few versions of her with less clothes – those currently can be seen inside my patreon, but keep in mind guys that after some time I’m pulling these out and offering them in my gumroad store.

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A Robin

A Robin (a.k.a Stephanie Brown) – got my own version of her today. The Source of “inspiration” was a so-called “cosplay” model from Brazil, which name I can’t remember…. All I remember  is that she was thick. If you enjoy my stuff shown here, consider becoming my patron by clicking the button below this post. I’ve prepared a little more of a version of this same post here.