Featuring Selina Kyle

Commissions featuring Catwoman. For their own reason the commissioner liked the look of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman from the recent Batman. I’m totally okay with that, except for Batman himself, BUT who am I to judge why the people choose this guy to be the Batman. I was mildly disappointed when they picked Ben Affleck for the previous versions, and now this guy…. welp.

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Cassandra Cain and Kon El

This is a commission. Having long-term relationships with clients is like having relations with a partner (woman, man) and the results would be amazing pieces of art. Get it? 🙂 Well in artwork/commissioning I’ve got several people, but with two of them the work results are awesome – and the people like the final results.

Cassandra Cain , Superboy and Wonder girl – /the last one is helping probably/ with a thing…

I find something odd in sex illustrations here/and in basic/. When people has sex – from aside it looks arousing, hot if you wish. And the observer wouldn’t think – it’s because they love each other. Sex is the seal for love /when it’s about people who are not blood related /, and it comes naturally – we all know that. But like I already said from aside it looks arousing, hot , nasty, vulgar… And that’s how should be.
With that said the point of these two to be depicted together is to show their love and connection. But still the shag like dogs in heat. I hope you’ll enjoy these.

Cassie Cain and Superboy – and from their left – Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown.

Cassie and Kon on the left – and Robin and Spoiler on the right. Fist bump.

Cassandra and Clayface

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