Battle of Supes : Supergirl Vs Captain Marvel

Hello people! I present you my newest ongoing project. It’s called the “Battle of Supes” and it will be presented to my patrons only.
My patrons choose by a poll who will win in advance, and who the opponents will be. The condition for the moment is that the heroines have to be from different comic publishers. Marvel vs DC.
It’ll be my job to come up with the story, fight, and the secks. There will be no deaths, wounds, fear or tears, or pain in these – I dislike that shit, instead, the situations will be funny, 100% silly, and absurd. All this on purpose.
I will be counting on my patrons to introduce me to the heroes and their abilities: in order for me to know what they do – by commenting on my post inside my patreon. There’s something very specific though: I turn all that thing into comedy and the characters will not act as their usual selves.
The situations are %100 silly, absurd or awkward – as I already mentioned. So the hardcore fans of the superhero genre might be a little bit disappointed because their favorite heroines don’t do what they do in regular comics. Guys, please don’t be angry – I do this for the fun and for the comedy.
The comic is currently finished, and presented to all my patrons – it has 12 fully colored pages ( 1 has an animated panel ). I also included the final pinup of the winning heroine (with and without her costume), just for the fun. My patrons choose for this first fight the winner to be Supergirl.
This comic will be available to my patrons and will stay inside my patreon until the 10th of November 2022.
After that date, the comic will be pulled out, and stored in my archives – so it should be offered as a reward to the patrons of the “OBSERVERS” tier.
If you like the idea, style or basically if you enjoy my stuff – consider becoming my patron !

X-23, Surge and Mercury

It’s a commission I made in September 2022. September was hectic with less time for me to work on any commissions – due to other non-art-related stuff that happened to me /and happened every September/. On top of this, my wife and I are trying to make a specific purchase of a thing we used to use more than a decade ago and I have to run to speak with estimation specialists, municipality bureaucrats, etc. Sadly all that shit will transfer in October, and all this having the world economic madness at the background of my own life picture frame.
Click on the image to see the bigger picture.


Below I’m uploading a small commission series featuring X-23, from X-men.
She and Cyclops

She and Helion

Spiderman, Spiderman !…

A Series of Commissions.
Below features Goblin Queen and Spider Man…

It seems that once upon a time in the comic series, MJ took the costume of Black Cat and ….well she did.

Peter ???? It’s … YOU ?!

And a couple of commissions featuring MJ /with her looks from 80s/ and the “You hit the Jackpot” thing.