Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the guys who celebrate it.
The past two weeks were hell for me. The first week I had pains in the stomach, which lead me to the hospital and a long surgical operation followed. I stayed there for a week and came back 2 days ago.
Now that I’m back I had to finish the already started work for people. I hate to be in doubt – or to leave a job that I started undone.

Anyways. I’m back in the saddle and I’ve got a couple of requests for top tiers to finish and a few stuff to start.

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Sex Fact #10

Did you knew this? I didn’t. Sadly that’s a fact, and I kid you not! Just so you should not think that I’m making these up – I’m giving you a direct link to this documentary /on YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VKWLC87Uzw&list=PLF8PvjP14RndHZVNrxjwMK_7WsWv2h9H6&index=1
Note : As a patreon artist and for my own sake I couldn’t and didn’t draw a caricature of a person having their way with the donkey, but instead I did a suggestive pose, which should be funny, and still to point out the facts that actually exist on our Earth. People there actually have electricity, roads, they drive cars and bicycles, they have homes with roofs and they raise their own children in there. They consider that normal and I have no words but to say that’s really messed up.
The first time I’ve heard about this “custom” was from the TV show “Grand Tour”, season 3, episode 1 – Colombia.

A Witch Doctor Character

Okay – I’m on Instagram and there I’m having merely 20 followers ?! Anyways. I’m posting there my stuff, whilst trying not to break the rules like to be careful not to post any nudity in my artworks (Which I have to admit is not easy, since 95 % of my commissioned works are explicitly explicit, and by that I mean deeks , hard teits and stiff vajinaz).
Anyways. I posted a joke with an endowed guy /clothed, but his junk is clearly shaped under his clothing/ and a young journalist is asking him questions… I’m aware that sometimes people or company robots /are not the robots like Optimus  Prime/, but spammy codes that crawl around the sites and lay under the comment sections false comments that should look like comment, but in fact advertises their companies or businesses.
AND There’s that African Witch doctor who shamelessly advertises his business under this drawing of mine.
The guy was healing HIV, AIDS, Leprosy, Solves Visa problems, bringing your lovers back – he even have a Facebook with zero followes, where he photographed his “office” – presumably a hut, altar with coconut shells, limbs of animals, lizards. There was icon of an afrikan person dressed as a religious patriarch and ffs – I couldn’t stand on that bullshit – and deleted his comment.
The guy actually was trying to expand his business to Europe and US.
This all thing made me create a con-art witch doctor :

I kept screenshots of his comment, before I delete it.

I decided to make the character female since the main characters here are only male ones. She’ll be a con-art Witchdoctor and probably
will be part of the comic – from time to time, but won’t be having a significant part. She’ll be there for the comedy.
Anyways – I’ll be happy if you help me to choose her looks from the poll I started on Twitter:

Royal Guard

First off – my Condolence to all the Brits who mourn their passed monarch H.M. Elizabeth II. You’ve got my sincere sympathy.
What cracked me up in this was a discussion between people and how come this royal guard didn’t use the stirrups in order to mount the horse more easily. It appeared that according to some random profiles the royal UK guards are not supposed to use the stirrup to mount the horse, but the tradition is to make a couple of jumps and then mount and sit on the saddle. As we know the British are people of tradition, but we also live in times, when the traditions are easy to be broken. With that said there are already women in the royal cavalry and there was this gal with her short stature trying to mount her horse and becoming my source of inspiration for this drawing over here. The Video of the cavalry guard is shown below.
P.S. Some would say that this isn’t a girl at all – and we could go on and on in circles all day. For my patrons, I’ve made versions – and they could choose whatever they wish. Don’t forget this is art, it’s a joke – not a statement.


A bunch of Sex facts

This “project” was aimed to be funny – the way it is. I saw some of those on the internet written as a list of curious “facts”. How truthful they are , or are they myths I cannot tell, but nevertheless they seemed so funny to me, I had to illustrate those the funnies way possible to me. BTW I re-newed this practice.

Dancing Moms

Alright – from time to time some funny or weird movies I see on Twitter or Reddit are the source of inspiration to comics like this one. I really cannot find the video – as they removed it from its original location.

Civil Defence Force

First – this is not a commission, this was inspired after I saw a photo of a civil defense force woman back in 2020, holding a huge python in her bare hands and putting the snake into a bag. Presumably, she was about to move it somewhere safe for the people and for the snake itself. I don’t remember which country was this, but since 20 feet snakes are crawling around the streets this should be somewhere in Asia : Singapore,  Malaysia or similar. Anyways, while she was collecting the snake, her colleague was watching her work from the side.
The woman was wearing a hijab over her uniform, and she was thicc af.
NOTE : I drew hijab character only this once and I don’t intend to do this in future – it’s not my thing , so guys keep that in mind, when coming along.

Here we go again

First off, I’m not a US citizen. As it reads I live in an ex-communist country, where the past 30 years were marked with the need to transfer from one lifestyle to another. We had to deal with tons of shit like : corruption, crimes, political instability, problematic infrastructure, unemployment, and all that shit that goes along while chasing democracy – a thing new to all of us. With that said the problems of the USA like Racism, gender or sexual identity came to us like packages we never purchased, but we have to accept them anyways – even though we don’t have that “product” here. However my goal is not to be political, but to create something funny that’ll at least make you smile. Oh, almost to forget – this short comic came after I saw this video: https://twitter.com/MavisRooder/status/1448121166460301319