My Girl

Alright guys – I didn’t follow the giant fetish – in fact that shit is in my list of things I don’t want to draw or watch. However I saw a photo of a guy riding a bike and on the seat behind him /where another passenger should sit, presumably a girlfriend/ – we see an ordinary Barby doll. I found that funny and sad at the same time. And also an inspiration to create this weird ass comic. Check it out.

Oh yeah – almost to forget – here’s the photo that “inspired” me to create this one. I guess that was made back in 2016.

Mr Romantic

If you don’t know, I don’t really came with this idea by myself.
The “inspiration” came after I saw a weird on a random NSFW Twitter account. I usually look some funny clips or memes on : Reddit, Twitter or Imgur. From recent times I repost some of these inside a channel on my DISCORD
NOTE : The behavior of this character doesn’t represent my real attitude towards women. I was trying to make something weird and a bit shocking, based on a video I saw.