Brand New Pokemon

I …really,  really,  really had no plausible reason of doing this, Yet I’m not sorry.  My patrons were the first and blessed to see these.
Every day we stray further from god’s light for sure. The source of inspiration is shown below /if you want to scroll down a bit/.

Source of Inspiration :

NOTE : I hope you guys brought your sense of humor alongside with you. I’m always trying to find the funny and hilarious and to offer them along with the sexy. Everything you’d see me drawing /if it’s not a commission/ – is meant to be funny.
My patrons indeed are the first to see these images , but they also get these in high rez and some little extra versions along- so guys, if you enjoy these, consider becoming my patron and press that reddish button below! 🙂


This came as a comic with some animated panels. Upon today’s date this comic is still inside my patreon – and one has to become my patron in order to see it. After a couple of months these will be archived and put to my gumroad store. 🙂

Platinum Tickets Raffle

This commission comes with these characters from Archie comics and features “PussyCats” band from the comic.
From left to right these are : Josie , Melody and Valerie.
NOTE : To see the bigger image click on it. I just noticed that the horizontal-oriented images don’t look good into this thing. There are probably other horizontals in previous posts, but right now I’m rushing to do the update with the website.

Amazing Magic Trick (video!)

Ladies and Gents – It is Lady Mavis from Hotel Transilvania!
Look, I’m aware that most of you already saw this one on Twitter or from other spots, but I’m really happy that this finally worked on my site. It appears that my Toocheke theme /with the comics – cannot show or play videos, and the only way to do that was to post it through the blog option, which I’m already using.
This makes me think that I can actually start making eventually more stuff like this one.
But – I prefer not to make any promises like that – one way at a time. BTW lower your sound option a bit. This one is too loud.

Mrs Turner

This is not a commission. Actually she appeared after the people voted on a poll I made, which MILF I should draw. There are few more versions of her, but since that happened back in 2021, probably people who are into ( “Fairly Odd Parents”), and my artwork can see those in some of my Supporter packs , but I cannot tell which one exactly. Just browse and read the description to each one if you got the time… sorry about that.