My Hero Academia

A commission from 2022 : Momo @ Midnight.

I have to admit that I haven’t seen the show, since I’m not much of a manga fan. I have recently been watching “Arkane” and find the show very interesting and astonishing. It somehow reminds me of the “Avatar” series, bearing a similar spirit, but with elements of machines, magic and great animation and story. And again – I didn’t play the game /League of legends/. So that’s that.

Hermione’s Halloween

Halloween came and go. We don’t celebrate this one here – as I mentioned in some previous posts on my blog.
Hermione and the monstrous pumpkin: she’s being tentacled until she gets ahegao face. 🙂
That’s about it.
I am about to upload some stuff from the previous year, so stick around for more.

Brand New Pokemon

I …really,  really,  really had no plausible reason of doing this, Yet I’m not sorry.  My patrons were the first and blessed to see these.
Every day we stray further from god’s light for sure. The source of inspiration is shown below /if you want to scroll down a bit/.

Source of Inspiration :

NOTE : I hope you guys brought your sense of humor alongside with you. I’m always trying to find the funny and hilarious and to offer them along with the sexy. Everything you’d see me drawing /if it’s not a commission/ – is meant to be funny.
My patrons indeed are the first to see these images , but they also get these in high rez and some little extra versions along- so guys, if you enjoy these, consider becoming my patron and press that reddish button below! 🙂


This came as a comic with some animated panels. Upon today’s date this comic is still inside my patreon – and one has to become my patron in order to see it. After a couple of months these will be archived and put to my gumroad store. 🙂