Milking Time

This crazy mindless comic probably should be considered as a furry (I don’t draw these usually and I’m not into these), because of the humanoid horse characters, who appear here. It really makes no sense, and the source of inspiration to create this one is :
14 pages of stable secks – and bring your sense of humor with you. People who pledge $10 on my patreon can get this one, by sending me a DM through patreon, and witness the monthly content that I will produce during their patronage, or you can get it directly from my gumroad store:

Spooky Halloween

One of my first comics. 30 pages : Jason is invited to a Halloween party at his estranged uncle’s mansion. He goes there with two girls : the one he’s in love with ( but she doesn’t like him a bit) and the one he’s a friend with ( he doesn’t feel love for her). The mansion is on a tropic island, where the magic, voodoo and other similar beliefs are something common.
Their way to the mansion is filled with dangers. 
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DLSoR: Leia 2

Have you ever wonder how Leia integrated among the tribe of Ewoks on Endor ?
14 pages. To get this one, you ought to join my patreon by pledging no less than $10 and then send me a PM – in order for me to provide you a link with the comic.

DLSoR: Leia

Dirty Little Secrets of the Republic – Leia’s first alternative story – you know that they never showed how she integrated into the Jabba’s entourage, also she was slave, which was giving her master Jabba – all the rights to use his merchandize. Anyways this is my take on this unshown parts.
This comic has 14 pages, (plus one page without the jizz because it also looks good without it).
If you want to get this comic from me – join my patreon by pledging $10 and send me a PM.

DLSoR: Yoda

If you don’t know I’m a fan of Star Wars and after making the first SW parody story I couldn’t help with making another one – this time featuring Yoda and offering an alternative look at his story.
One can get the comic by pledging $10 on my patreon and then sending me a PM through Patreon system asking me for this certain comic strip – in order for me to provide them a link with the comic.

I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

I’ve created this amazingly stupid story in 2019 – at that time I was hooked with the animated series of Star Wars. Making a fan-based comic with my own characters was just a matter of time. Usually for a comic like this it takes me a month and a half. Not because it’s hard to make it, but because of the other works I have to deal as well. Anyhoo – this one has 17 pages and you can get it from me by becoming a patron and pleding $10. Once that’s done you should send me a DM through patreon to aks me about this comic and I will send a link with it to you.

Since We’re Not talking (archived issue)

7 pages with a size of 1000×3000 px of size. A comic based on a sex joke about a guy who gets home – sees the kitchen and concludes that there’s his mother-in-law cooking something. He goes directly into the bedroom. It’s dark and he sees his wife sleeping on her stomach wearing her night-gown. He goes and fucks her and then he decides to check what his mother-in-law cooks at the kitchen. To his surprise, he sees his wife in there… So there it is.
Available on my gumroad: