Aunt Cass

Avatar Korra

Baldween The Red

He's a dwarf, who came in Otterton three years ago and quickly became friends with Nicholas and Elric. Except for the fact that he can beat anyone in a drinking game or a fistfight, no one knows anything more about him. Nicholas and Elric never asked about his past, and never cared. Probably that's the reason he's hanging with them.



Black Canary

Black Cat

Black Widow




Elric is Nicholas's best friend and the son of the duke of Otterton, who's considered to be relative to the dead king. Elric is the same age as Nicholas and they both are students of master Kothas.

Emma Frost


Harley Quinn

Helen Parr



Isura is a succubus of higher rank, who is also a concubine, a lover to the greater demon Karxus. Their followers consider her as their queen, while Karxus is their king. Isura is capable of hypnotizing people, by seducing them. During the great war , she has been killed, but her body has been recovered by the survived serpentian servants of Karxus. With a necromancing ritual they revive her, by offering her the body of recently passed woman. Isura takes the flesh to recover her mummified body and hypnotizes the mayor of the city. Soon she starts to gather an army against the known kingdoms. However, she's not ready for another war. Not yet. She must find and free her master and lover - the greater demon Karxus.


The evil has to have name and face. In our story it's ancient evil demon who once threatened to take over the world. Armies of different races rose against his hordes. Wizards and mages faced the great demon, but they were not able to destroy him. I haven't figured out why they couldn't kill him. They only managed to capture and lock him in a place unknown to any of his surviving followers or servants. He's the top boss.

Kitty Pryde

Kothas Sunlight

Master Kothas Sunlight is the wizard who rose Nicholas since a little baby. He is his teacher and presumably, he's teaching him to be his apprentice /with no success/. Kothas however is more than a herbalist or a wise wizard who only imbues the weapons of the passing adventures. I took inspiration from the books of Tolkien - Gandalf, and Obi-wan Kenobi - from Star Wars. These two in one has to be Kothas Sunlight.

Lois Lane





Miss Marvel

MJ Watson

Morticia Addams



Natasha was created to be the fatal woman, the classical heart breaker, the one who corrupts and destroys hopes and love. She's a spy, a lover a courtesan - a master of many arts, a manipulator and mistress. She's older than Nicholas, but nevertheless, she succeeds to make him crazy about her. Your mom probably would tell you to stay away from such kinds of women. I didn't give her a last name. In every man's life, there's at least one Natasha.

Nicholas Sunlight

Nicholas Sunlight is the original protagonist in the original comic strip "Nicholas The bard". He's an orphan born during the previous wars, and he has been given to the wizard Master Kothas Sunlight to be taken care of. Nicholas is good-natured, funny, smart, and intelligent, although sometimes his actions and thoughts speak otherwise.

Power Girl


She Hulk


Silk is a fictional American superhero, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Silk is the alias of Cindy Moon. During a demonstration on the use of radioactive rays at a science exhibit, a spider is accidentally exposed to large amounts of radiation. In its dying moments, the arachnid bites Peter Parker. As a result, the young teenager gains amazing powers and becomes Spider-Man. However, this is not the end. Mere moments after biting Parker, the spider bites another young student named Cindy Moon.

Spider Gwen

Star Fire





Susan Storm



The character is a sentient alien symbiote with an amorphous, liquid-like form, who survives by bonding with a host, usually human. This dual-life form receives enhanced powers and usually refers to itself as "Venom".

Wednesday Addams

Wonder Woman