Nicholas Sunlight

Nicholas Sunlight is the protagonist in this story. He's an orphan, born during the final years of the war between the demons and the United Kingdoms. His delicate nature and artistic abilities make him a perfect bard - a man of art and seduction. He lives in Otterton, an independent city by the sea, raised and educated by a mage named Kothas Sunlight. He's a best friend of Elric, the son of Duke Wydomir, and a strange dwarf named Baldween the Red. He values their friendship and he is desperately in love with a woman named Natasha - who's much older than him. Nicholas loves mead and wine, but also sex. He's well-educated and has a vast knowledge of herbs, and history, and speaks most of the known languages in his world. He became great at music and singing and he knows how to charm the ladies. Although he's having a shorter stature, he makes every woman he's been with more than satisfied. Once as a part of his final bard test, he had to lay with a person who had a penis. This however wasn't an obstacle and he excelled and got a diploma as a bard and companion from the school of arts. His teacher was Natasha herself. Despite this adventure, Nicholas prefers females only. He's pretty intelligent, although sometimes his actions show otherwise.