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When I reach this goal, I'll buy myself an electric guitar. Although I cannot play at all, I will try my best to perform a solo for you - and will film it. At least 30 second of video. I'd suggest for you to get yourself earplugs and bleach for your eyes.

2 1026

Aunt Cass /Delivery/

Delivery, people! It's a recent work, featuring the aunt from "Big Hero 6". It's a pretty neat movie to watch, and I hope that Disney will hire me when they see how I drew aunt Cass....

Just kidding. Delivery, guys. Delivery is here.

Guys - suggest the next popular character and I will come with a drawing of them ! End date for suggesting : July 12th, 2021 - included.
No original characters, no real people, no underage stuff.

2 thoughts on “Aunt Cass /Delivery/

  1. 1Dexter’s mom 2 Helen Parr 3 Wilma Flintsone 4 Betty Rubble 5 Marge Simpson 6 Dr Ann Possible

  2. Chel from Eldorado, Pocahontas or Mulan. Either one is sexy

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