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Dancing Moms

A while ago (back in 2021) I saw a funny video on Twitter. In fact, it wasn't exactly funny - the setting was a school show, where the kids had to perform a dance on a scene in front of their parents.  And there was a hot-looking Latina, probably the mom of some of the kids on the stage. The woman was doing the same dance as her kid - probably to encourage it - but the thing was that the guy /and I'm 100% sure it was a guy, a dude, a man/ was filming the mom only. I guess everyone was watching that woman in a blue dress, but nevertheless, the clip was circulating over the internet for some time. I couldn't find it in order to give you link and show you the source of my inspiration for this short comic. The camera was aiming at the blue dressed woman, but on the screen there was a hand of another person who was doing exactly the same thing as the blue-dress mom. So that's why there are two moms in my comic.

I was planning to make a "sequence" on the first page but I got flooded with commission works and abandoned the idea. After some time I lost interest to work on it.
I believe that this is funny even as it is.

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