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If you enjoy what I show on my site here, please consider joining my patreon – thus you’d be able to see the rest of my: short comics, illustrations, and  NSFW versions of some of these.

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Enjoying Little Things In Life

For long time I've been thinking about how to continue the story of Nicholas. And so many things are happening along with me, that take me away from my need to work on Nicholas.
I cannot give any promises about new releases of Nicholas the bard - at least not yet. If ever I should do something I will just release it, and then will announce it. 
This is just a short story - with some extra NSFW panels , which will be available to patrons of OBSERVERS tier . This exact short comic is part of my November , 2023 content. If you want to get it - please join my patreon at Observers tier, and send me message which monthly content you wish to get. I will respond back with a link.

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