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If you enjoy what I show on my site here, please consider joining my patreon – thus you’d be able to see the rest of my: short comics, illustrations, and  NSFW versions of some of these.

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Helping Friends

Guys. Episode 4 is here. 
Some personal detours:
I couldn't help but notice the leaving of many patrons - due to the direction I decided to take with the choice of content.
I haven't stopped drawing NSFW - I need to draw comedy and other stuff as well... Sorry. I've had my breaking point I guess - and now I'll do my thing over here as well - nsfw and commissions - inside my patreon. Here should be only me.

However, there's some news: I decided to continue my work on "Multiverse Traveler" - the NSFW parody. A month ago I bound it to the patreon goal system - and shortly after I received a message from Patreon - stating that this goal system will be removed for good, and eventually be replaced by something else and new.
I cannot tell exactly what. 
Since the goal hasn't been reached - I decided to remove the goals I've set - and wait to see what they'll come up with. With that said, I won't show "Multiverse Traveler"-issue 2, for free  - at least not for the moment.

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