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When I reach this goal, I'll buy myself an electric guitar. Although I cannot play at all, I will try my best to perform a solo for you - and will film it. At least 30 second of video. I'd suggest for you to get yourself earplugs and bleach for your eyes.

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Nicholas The Bard – page 35

Update, guys! As I wrote somewhere - I'll be "stuck" in this scene for a bit longer. Three virgins about to have sex ?!
Well. How to draw that right and not escape from the comedy? " Popping the cherry", sometimes comes with a little bloodshed, and this is kinda delicate.
So many thoughts, I'm really cycling how to draw this exact scene without looking disgusting to some or scary to others. Maybe just expressions...
I don't know. Besides - these three characters will not be constant, and probably won't be seen any further into the story, and right now I'm working on a concept of making a steady permanent female character/characters that should become part of Nicholas' world.

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