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When I reach this goal, I'll buy myself an electric guitar. Although I cannot play at all, I will try my best to perform a solo for you - and will film it. At least 30 second of video. I'd suggest for you to get yourself earplugs and bleach for your eyes.

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Nicholas The Bard – page 40

Hey guys! Page 40 is here, but inside Patreon, Nicholas is a page ahead.
As you can see on some of the pages I'm playing with animation (yes, I know it's crispy - but that's how I do it ). It helps the viewer to better understand what's going on in there. Anyways - today I worked on the concept of the next pages - in order to develop the story, so I created 14 pages (rough sketches and ideas of what will happen next). The pages after the scene with the three mage girls do not include any sex, but it'll be action and fight - after all the comic is a fantasy and has some plot. I created the moment when the characters has been given (finally) a quest and three more characters join them (females).
Those three has to be constant characters with skills , abilities and origins - which will be presented in the upcoming pages.
Still I hope that you will enjoy the story so far and if you really like it so far, consider becoming a patron of mine and/or join my discord.

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