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When I reach this goal, I'll buy myself an electric guitar. Although I cannot play at all, I will try my best to perform a solo for you - and will film it. At least 30 second of video. I'd suggest for you to get yourself earplugs and bleach for your eyes.

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Nicholas The Bard – page 42

Update with page 42. As you can see I include some animated moments in my comic - and I hope you guys are enjoying it.
I'm working on page 44, which doesn't contain porn. In fact, the next several pages of the comic will have to move the story further (as to me it looks like I'm stumbling on one spot with it and nothing really happens: they shag, and on the next page they shag again. And yep, the next page is yet another shagging, but animated - and I'm really bored myself).
New characters will be introduced - and since my goal is to make a story that features several heroes with different abilities - the new ones will be females, which I hope you will like. I could come up with a concept for each of them and will present them to my blog for you to vote or just will come up with ready-to-go characters since my patience with my own story is nearing its end. I mean I've had enough of waiting for myself (waiting for what ?!) , so the story can go from somewhere. When there's going to be a quest, when there's going to be something new, interesting or whatever. When ?!? 

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