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When I reach this goal, I'll buy myself an electric guitar. Although I cannot play at all, I will try my best to perform a solo for you - and will film it. At least 30 second of video. I'd suggest for you to get yourself earplugs and bleach for your eyes.

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Nicholas The Bard – page 51

Hey - sorry for the late update. I missed yet another Friday. Had a small problem with one of my stitches /after surgery/ and spent some time at the doc's office - of them instructing me how to bandage myself in order to heal properly and faster...
On the art side - I made my monthly call to the top tiers - about their requests. Some of them came on time, others late as usual.  And this messed up my personal art schedule - as usual. Not to mention the things that pops on a daily basis - aside from art.

Some news : I was browsing programs for voice change. With no particular reason. While being with a client on discord and then my phone rang and being distracted on two spots, I just pressed forward button until I bought that program. Of course that was a mistake, but it was " okay" mistake.
As some of you might know I'm having something about animations. Even though they are far away from perfect and smooth - I'm very interested in making those.
Sadly I make too few to be able to hire professional voice over people to help me with my personal projects and still I don't want to deal with people who are willing to make it for free, because organizing the time with people who require no pay will be relevant. So... I'll just try to include my own artistic abilities aside from drawing and animating and hopefully we'll see something funny /if not good/.

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