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If you enjoy what I show on my site here, please consider joining my patreon – thus you’d be able to see the rest of my: short comics, illustrations, and  NSFW versions of some of these.

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Save Teh Earth !

I take you to remember when someone created a cute manga character and named it Eart Chan - well - it quickly turned into a meme of some sort - you know that part where it says: "I'm not flat" and such. Well - the Earth is not flat. I'm of these old-fashioned guys who know - without "believing" in science and facts. The point of these drawings of mine is not to try to change the mind of one - but to share my drawings and doodles. That's all.
And yes, this is part of my patreon content for May 2023 - For various of reasons - I decided to keep the content for two months - the current and the previous one - so if you're reading this - and it's not May , 2023 - this drawing and it's version is already in the archives of my "Gumroad".

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