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Tons of Things to Do Today

Today is Wednesday... I wonder what it will brings us.
Someone wanted to see an exploding frog. And I came up with this one :

Some guys think I'm Joecartoon or probably I'm doing something for them - it's nothing like that. I do remember the site like 20 years ago and it was cool thing, legendary in fact.
Of course I have nothing to do with Joe's stuff - and I'm pretty sure the guy is busy with his own life - and probably retirement - I'm nearing my 50's - I'm 46 actually. I saw a video of Joe wile ago playing a guitar. Can't say that he's in his prime - he looked 70 or 90 years old. And probably he's doing something relevant to his age - something political or about  bad knees, problems with prostethic teeth maybe or playing with his great-great-grand-kids. Don't know what the very old people does on the internet. I'm just joking. I actually love Joecartoon - I was and and will be his fan. If he's old, then I'm old as well. Damn... I'm old.
Okay boomer. 

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