Commission Process

E-mail me for inquiry at:
1. If I agree – I will do a sketch and after you approve it – I will require the payment to come in full on my PayPal account. I have no reasons to take the money and not do the job – just check my portfolio here – SEE ??! It is huge and therefore it is in my interest to have more stuff to show. That’s how I ENTERTAIN!
Please contact me via mail for meeting me on discord or to make the commissions the old-fashioned way – via e-mail.
2. Important: Do not send money before I confirm I’m willing to draw your thing. Ask me if I’m willing to do it first! I’m kindly asking you to follow the instructions I give in the e-mail. Usually, it’s like: I do the sketch, and once you approve it – I’m expecting the payment to come to my side. That will trigger me to proceed with the colors.
3. Consider checking my List of Donts first – that will save both of our times. How to work with me /after payment is here/: Provide me a short description of your thing with lots of links to pictures as reference.
4. Once the concept is approved by you we don’t do any changes.
Example: Spiderman kissing MJ Watson in this pose/link to photo, and link to the characters (I might know who they are, but they have many versions and I will work with the version from the photo you will provide me)
2. The reference photo you will send is your concept – after I lay the lines – based on the photo and description I will ask for your approval. Once the concept is approved – we don’t change it.
I will send you the line art – and you can request for no more than 3 minor changes after /facial expression, a slight movement of hands, legs.
Unannounced changes/adds like a new pose, or face with details – I’m charging +$10 each for itself.
As those are time-consuming and too engaging.

1. Characters: Up to 4 characters, who must be from the popular niches: comics, movies, games, e.t.c – Please no original characters. 
2. Before I should agree to do it – send me a brief description of what you want to see at with a subject: comic strip commission.
3. Story, dialogues, ideas about every panel comes from you. You must come with photos for pose reference for each panel. I require from you to come with a steady concept on each pose, expressions and dialogue. Better than any words are the photo reference.
Please don’t come with no clear idea of what you want – that would be a waste of both of our times. Don’t send me novels or tales because I don’t have the time to read them. Instead, come with a specification page that looks like :
1st panel : 1st character and second character – /reference link to the characters/ in this exact pose – /link to the pose/
2nd panel: characters in this position /link to photo reference of the pose
3rd panel: 3rd character watching them with this expression /link to reference photo of the expression
…etc. 6th panel : They lay next to each other smiling – the end.
English is not my mother’s tongue, and I cannot help you with dialogues – you must have those.

4. We cannot stretch this for months, because I have other stuff to do: works for other people and my own comics. That’s why I prefer to get in touch with you directly on discord.
5. It’s important to  have discord in order to get in touch with me directly. For details on e-mail. You will be watching the sketching process while I’m streaming it. Once I draw the lineart and you approve it – I’m asking the payment to come in full.  Then I’m going to send you the Line art page. That’ will be the time for you to ask for minor changes : moving eyes, limbs up or down. Changes with the body position means change of the concept and will cost $10 per panel. Once the lineart are approved – no more changes are allowed. After payment is here, I will start work on colors – usually that happens the next day after my work on lines. After colored page is send, changes will not be made at all.

I do my own comics – here you can see the ongoing comics – if you enjoy them , consider becoming my patrons in order for me to keep on going with those and showing them in here. Once becoming patron (by pledging $5 or above), you will be able to see other ongoing comics that I don’t show here.