Fun House

FunHouse is a mixed project, commissioned in full by one of my patrons.All the ideas and story depicted in this project, belong to that patron, who choose to remain anonymous. It contains 20 files : 16 illustrations and 4 fully colored long comic strip pages.

The comic is about Joker, who tricks Wonder Woman to chase him into one of his factories for a laughing gas. Wonder Woman is trapped there and turned into an obedient sex slave, on later terms to be passed to be a toy to Gagsworth – a lesser-known sidekick of the Joker.

NOTE: After taking some time to think whether they should proceed to commission me further on this comic, the patron decided to abandon their patronage and concentrate on their own life. With that said it will continue no longer than what you’re about to see in the pack. You can have the comic from my GUMROAD: