Happy Belated X-mas and Happy New 2023!

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First off I’m beginning with the X-mas pieceĀ  – this came as a request by one of my top tiersĀ  – /in fact the following two drawings have been drawn by two of my most knowledgeable patrons at DC and Marvel /. The first one is a x-mas present to Kon-El, or Connor Kent, a.k.a Superboy – the cloned version that consists of the genes of Superman and Lex Luthor. The girl is Cassandra Cain, a.k.a Batgirl, who is also Superboy’s present.

The drawing below has to present Liara T’Soni, Miranda Lawson, and Tali from Mass Effect. That drawing made me buy the batch of all three parts of the game and it took me about a week to play all the parts of it / I had only a few rests, and that time was between Xmas and New Year’s eve, so yeah. I’ve had fun with the game.
Had romance only with Ashly in the first part. In the second part, I tried to approach Tali and Miranda, but Miranda told me to dump Tali – which told me that we have to wait, because she had to find a way to have sex without that mask… Since that went on for too long I just said “fuck it” to both of them and started the suicide mission…
Yeah. I did. Zayeed died, and that Legion dude died. Didn’t like them anyways.
Part three was somehow weird – I knew /heard and read weird stuff about it when it came out several years ago: bad graphics, bugs everywhere, and tons of bad performances – BUT anyways – the patron who ordered this commission below told me that the graphics and all have been remastered and now goes smooth.
I cannot say that part three was amazing or good. There were a lot of funny gaming references like it’s not fair to shoot at us, while we’re climbing the ladder – which was funny, but silly. The party at Shepard’s place was the other thing.
I found out that my character and Tali were already together and they had drunk sex, but she also got omni tattoo she doesn’t remember how she got it. It was utterly funny, silly, and stupid.
Miranda died. Her “twin” sister was ugly. In the end, the Illusive man shot himself and after I met the giant mind of the Leviathan I choose the blue platform and kill my own character instead of just eradicating the reapers. In fact, I liked the end I choose.
And that was my experience with Mass Effect. I uninstalled it from my PC – and like I’ve said: I had my fun with it, but about the fourth part of it – we’ll see – and again I’ll wait and hear for the masses to express their experience first – and eventually will get it on discount – a year later. I’m not really enthusiastic about it.
IMHO : Part 1 was great, Part 2 was so-so, and part 3 : meh.

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