Every artist has their own dislikes – I have mine.
Below is the list of things I will not draw. Please read this list before you decide to commission me or become my patron. This list also forms my comfort zone. 
These “dont’s” are valid for adult-related commissions.

I DON'T DRAW ↓Alternative Compromise↓
LOLi (little girls), Shota (little boys),
underage characters
VORE (someone to be swallowed and now they are inside in another character's stomach,
monster laid eggs etc)
FOOD, DRINK Fetish ( eventually resulting in huge bellies)none
FAT, and Unattractive female CHARACTERS
/bloating, inflation, big bellies dragging on the ground, etc deformation/.
I’m following the mainstream tendencies – what most people accept as beautiful IS BEAUTIFUL.
GORE (mutilations, guts during sex, flesh wounds, blood)A battle scene in a mainstream commission
NON CONSENSUAL (Rape, Broken spirit, Tears, Fear Noone is there to help, Torturing : using water, electricity or similar deadly devices)MILD BDSM (ropes, collars, nipple and vag jewelr,role play)
PROLAPSES (tunnel alike vaginas, colons out, etc.) Fisting (sticking hands, feets etc in vaginas or butts )Gaping butts without showing internal anatomy
Giant fetish ( giant woman-usually with the size of Godzilla or similar/man squishing smaller person between their boobs, riding buildings etc/none.
Hyper Fetish : Oversized human genitals or Breasts
(impossibly big - bigger than the body)
We stick to the sizes you'd see here.
They are really big enough.
TWO GENITALIA (the character has male and female genitals: penis and vagina at same time)I can draw a character with 1 dick and tits.
GAY STUFF and PEGGING a male character *none
HAIRY FEMALES (meaning : excessive hair - armpits, legs, hands, stomach) - we don't live in 70s anymore.Nicely trimmed pubic hair, or
No hair at all. Welcome to 21 century.
BESTIALITY (dogs, horses etc)
I can draw Werewolves, Minotaurs or other mythical characters though /still keeping the horse dick/
/or other smelly fetishes/ *
INCEST /patreon policy/Lets keep it outside the family
RACISM and Political shit,
Things for Awareness /diseases, abuse etc/.
You can ask me to draw something sexy or funny featuring your favorite popular character and for pay I will draw it for you.
/sorry, they don't work well with my craft/
I could draw your custom character from a popular game you played (example : Warcraft, Fallout etc/
No Real People :
/celebrities, public personalities, camwhores or people with normal life/.
If you want me to draw Hermione Granger you will get my version of her, but not Emma Watson.
/I'm a Freelance artist and I draw for Pay/.
You can pay me to draw your favorite character from comics or game, and then you can give this as a present to your friend or to yourself. Be generous !
/this usually comes after I decline to draw your fetish, that usually comes after you declined to read my list of Donts/. I'm not a guide and I definitely will not seek other artists for you.
/mimicing other artists style/
If you're here, you're actually getting my style only.
/means you pay me to draw something, but I can't show it out here or anywhere/.
/drawing a bunch of drawings at once /.
Every drawing stands on it's own. I draw one, you pay for it, then you can ask if I can draw another. If the work is not paid in full, I will simply not continue working until it’s paid.
/I don't criticize other artist's work/

* – there’s a “star” symbol nearby some of the mentioned. That means you may see me drawing some of those – as a part of a funny story, idea or similar – for the sake of comedy and laughing. I definitely refuse to draw those marked with a “*” symbol “fetishes” as commissions and/or requests. 
Q: You said you are NOT drawing  popular characters – how come you draw “Nicholas The bard” and other shit ?

A:  I used to draw original characters belonging to other people for many years. At some point, I found out that I can come up with my own stories, ideas, and original characters – working on other people’s stories was just no option to me – otherwise, my mind would explode.

A few more DONT’S:


  1. Don’t use your financial problems as a reason to reduce my price or not to pay me at all. Come back if you’re still interested and when you have a stable job. As far as I see it – if one has financial problems – they should be outside of their home on job hunting, not busting artists’ prices. My prices are fair – and I have my beliefs that for the quality of work I offer they are even somehow low.
  2.  Don’t try to make me draw for exposure. My site and other social media expose me enough.
  3. I keep my right to decline drawing ideas or characters that I dislike for different reasons without explaining myself about it. Please don’t go into unpleasant further discussions about it – either change the idea or go with another artist: there are tons of amazing artists out there!
    If you don’t see anything here on that list, yet you have some doubts – feel free to contact me by e-mail and ask me about it.
  4. Don’t insist on me drawing things that are clearly on this list. Shoving an old drawing in my face with that exact thing that I did years ago, won’t make me work on it – you will have to understand that I don’t draw this anymore. 
  5. ” I wanted this character to watch herself in a mirror, why do you charge me for two characters, if it’s clearly one but in the mirror ? “, or  ” I want this character here in this panel, and then again doing something else in that panel, why do I have to pay for it twice, if it’s the same character? ” 
    Answer: It doesn’t matter to me if it’s one and the same character – the time I spent working on this drawing is for 2 or more characters. 
  6. There are still people who have commissioned me 2 or 5+ years ago – they lost the drawing and now insist for me to dig it and give it to them. KEEP IN MIND THAT:  I’m not a personal archivist to anyone, and definitely, I will not start looking for it. Please, next time try to be more responsible and keep the art I did for you more carefully.
    If you don’t see the drawing here on my site, or anywhere on the media links I exist – then the drawing is deleted and doesn’t exist anymore. 
    Cutting it short :  Some of my older works include fetishes mentioned in my “don’t list” – therefore I have deleted them and they are no more. The drawings you’d see on my site here include mostly popular characters from comics or games. The same will be inside my Patreon. It’s no use to become a patron with hopes to find an old drawing that features a fetish that I dislike. Once again read the list. 

Guys keep in mind the following :
1. Please don’t feel offended if I don’t remember who you are and what I did for you 2 or 5 years ago.
I work with a lot of people – and I’m getting my mind on the art – while trying to generate a brand new funny idea for a comic – I’m having hard times remembering most of the people who have commissioned me a month ago. Imagine someone that comes after 5 years! 

2. I’m a chatty person by nature, but sometimes when I draw – I just sink into art and I ignore everything that comes around. Don’t take that personally – I am working on someone’s drawing, it could be yours.

Since I’m on DISCORD , please know the following :

All the rules and stuff that I stated here are 100% valid in there on my discord