Every artist has his own dislikes – I have mine. Below is the list of things I prefer not to draw, so read this before you decide to commission become my patron.

These “dont’s” are valid for adult-related commissions mostly.

1. No LOLi, Shota (little boys)./non negotiable/
2. No vore/someone to be swallowed and staying in another’s stomach/! That includes giants swallowing or smashing small people./non negotiable/
3. No gore, mutilation – / battle scenes are fine – as a mainstream commission though, but not torturing (mild BDSM is totally okay)
4. Vaginal prolapsing /tunnel alike vaginas/, colons popping out of the butt/. (gapping butts are totally okay to be drawn)
5. Two genitalia at once – penis on the spot of where the clitoris is and vagina below (chicks with dicks and balls are totally okay to be drawn), some call that “futanary”( – and it’s okay for me to draw it.
6. Hair – it’s okay to draw a little bit more pubic hair, but no armpit, legs or stomach hair on female characters.
7. Furries, and My Little Pony, Vomit, Scat, farts, diapers, etc – and other smelly fetishes /non-negotiable/
8. No Fat, ugly, and unsexy female characters (that includes bloating, big bellies, huge bellies dragging to the ground, etc deformations, or so-called “food and drink” fetish, saggy breasts, old hags) – I’m following the mainstream tendencies – what most of the people accept as beautiful IS BEAUTIFUL. So …No Inflation, huge bellies, dragging to the ground, no food or drink fetish, and no ugly females as commissions or requests.
With this line of thoughts – any kind of body elongations, enlargements, deformations: breasts, butts, very long nipples, long clitoris, or any other body parts will not be accepted. Also… no nipple fucking
9. No BESTIALITY! /Patreon policy/, but mythological creatures and monsters like minotaurs, werewolves etc.- are okay.
10. No Incest ! /Patreon policy/
11. No REAL PEOPLE! No celebs, public personalities, or people with normal life.
12. No Racism. /non negotiable/
13. Tears and fear – and no one is there to help. /nonnegotiable/
14. I don’t draw requests for random people. The only exceptions are the top patrons of mine, who have that privilege and get a drawing once a month for me. – so do not send me e-mails to draw your thing for free as a request. You can try your luck by posting a comment on some of my posts though – it should be visible by everyone. I will eventually include it in a poll and the crowd will decide, but still, there’s no guarantee at all.
15. I don’t do birthday presents. I do commissions.
16. I don’t do animations as requests or commissions. I do it for my own fun and whenever I feel it.
17. I don’t draw things for awareness /diseases, abuse, politics, or any similar/ – have you seen the content on my site?
18. I don’t teach people how to draw and I don’t criticize their work. I’m not a teacher. And definitely not your teacher.
19. Don’t use your financial problems as a reason to reduce my price or not to pay me at all. Please come back if you’re still interested when you have a stable job. As far as I see it – if one has financial problems – they should be outside of their home on job hunting, not busting artist’s prices.
20. I don’t do PRIVATE commissions. Whatever I draw I’ll post it here or on patreon and eventually it will be seen by everyone who cares. Private commissions usually include characters or ideas that are included in this list like real people or fetishes that go directly into my list of DONTs.
Note: I keep my right to decline to draw ideas or characters that I dislike for different reasons without explaining myself about it. Please don’t go into unpleasant further discussions about it – either change the idea or go with another artist: there are tons of amazing artists out there!
If you don’t see anything here on that list, yet you have some doubts – feel free to contact me by e-mail and ask me about it.

Guys keep in mind the following stuff :

1. There are still people who have commissioned me 2 or 5 years ago – they lost the drawing and now insist for me to dig it and give it to them. I pulled most of the drawings out – here on the site. Some of those are on hentai foundry or Newgrounds. If you don’t see it here – become my patron and try to look it inside. If you don’t see it inside – then it is probably lost – please don’t blame me for that – I’m not a personal archivist to anyone, and definitely, I will not start looking for it.
Please, next time try to be more responsible and keep the art I did for you more carefully.
2. Please don’t feel offended if I don’t remember who you are and what I did for you 2 or 5 years ago. I work with a lot of people – and I’m getting my mind on the art – while trying to generate a brand new funny idea for a comic – I’m having hard times remembering most of the people who have commissioned me – especially those for whom I did a thing a month ago. Imagine someone that comes after 5 years!
3. I’m a chatty person by nature, but sometimes when I draw – I just sink into art and I ignore everything that comes around. Don’t take that personally – I am working on someone’s drawing, it could be yours.
4. I’m kindly asking my future clients or patrons not to insist for me to draw a thing that I dislike – by digging an old drawing and shoving it in my face. Please understand that I will probably don’t draw this anymore.
5. I’m kindly asking every commissioned work to stand for its own. Therefore there won’t be bulk commissions. If a work is not paid in full, I will simply not continue working until it’s paid, or I won’t work with the person at all.