Note From Patreon Safety team

Regarding characters like : Dora the Explorer, Kim Possible, Hermione Granger etc, who are minors in their original appearance – I had a talk with patreon safety team at the time, specifically asking them if it is okay for me to depict them the way I do.

“- When it comes to sexually depicted minors, we mostly take into consideration the ones that are depicted exactly how the general public knows them, so in this case, your grown-up “Dora the Explorer” doesn’t constitute a violation.
Yes, there are already known characters that are also known to be minors, but sometimes small changes such as bigger breasts or simply shapes of grown-up characters as you said –– so a different rendering –– can make a difference between considering the character to be the underage fictional character known to the general public or not.

This is also valid for your Kim Possible example. As long as the character appears to be physically different/more developed than the one in the show, we can tell the difference and understand that in this new backstory, the character has grown up and appears to be of age.
-When it comes to bestiality, we consider content in which there’s an actual animal depicted having sexual interactions with an actual human.
So you’re allowed to share depictions of real animals having sexual interactions with humanoids, and other fictional creatures that you can distinguish from an actual human, and also animal x animal.
You can also share depictions of mythical creatures such as elves, orcs, and any type of “monster” in sexual interactions with humans if their general rendering is not the one of a real animal.

Bottom line is that for us, bestiality means an actual human x an actual real animal.”