Paid Comics

Below is the list of all the comics I’ve created. You can buy them from my GUMROAD store.
Clicking on a thumbnail below will lead you directly to the product on my store. The comics from this page are paid, but I’ve done and do plenty of freebies. You may check them from this location. 

The very same comics here are available to people who pledge $10 ( OBSERVERS tier on my patreon ) on my patreon. Patrons of $10 tier can get 1 issue of each per month.
One can get any of these issues by sending me DM on Patreon to inquire about the issue they want – I’ll respond by sending them a link to the comic.
If one becomes my patron at $10 – they’ll make a good deal because during the month of their patronage, since they can see my other updates inside.
This tier is also good for people who feel that the previous tier is too low to support me.  
Once you download a file and check the comics, please give a rate on it – it’ll make my day !

Super Hero Parodies
My Star Wars Parodies
Comics based on random stuff : memes, jokes or my own ideas