Royal Guard

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First off – my Condolence to all the Brits who mourn their passed monarch H.M. Elizabeth II. You’ve got my sincere sympathy.
What cracked me up in this was a discussion between people and how come this royal guard didn’t use the stirrups in order to mount the horse more easily. It appeared that according to some random profiles the royal UK guards are not supposed to use the stirrup to mount the horse, but the tradition is to make a couple of jumps and then mount and sit on the saddle. As we know the British are people of tradition, but we also live in times, when the traditions are easy to be broken. With that said there are already women in the royal cavalry and there was this gal with her short stature trying to mount her horse and becoming my source of inspiration for this drawing over here. The Video of the cavalry guard is shown below.
P.S. Some would say that this isn’t a girl at all – and we could go on and on in circles all day. For my patrons, I’ve made versions – and they could choose whatever they wish. Don’t forget this is art, it’s a joke – not a statement.


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