Sex Fact #10

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Did you knew this? I didn’t. Sadly that’s a fact, and I kid you not! Just so you should not think that I’m making these up – I’m giving you a direct link to this documentary /on YOUTUBE :
Note : As a patreon artist and for my own sake I couldn’t and didn’t draw a caricature of a person having their way with the donkey, but instead I did a suggestive pose, which should be funny, and still to point out the facts that actually exist on our Earth. People there actually have electricity, roads, they drive cars and bicycles, they have homes with roofs and they raise their own children in there. They consider that normal and I have no words but to say that’s really messed up.
The first time I’ve heard about this “custom” was from the TV show “Grand Tour”, season 3, episode 1 – Colombia.

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