Since September, I’ve been delivering monthly content to my patrons at the end of each month in a zip format. All the content is bundled together and sent to all my patrons via email. The exciting news is that I’ve designed these to be viewed through an HTML page, maintaining my style of presenting drawings the same way as before: the name of the drawing at the top, followed by the artwork, and below that, a humorous comment from me. I’m listing the new month’s packs here for people to check before pledging for the “Watchers” tier. The previous month’s content will be available on demand to patrons who pledge $10 (Observers tier). Patrons of the Watchers tier can choose one zipped monthly content pack per month. The tip here is that the minimum amount of content I should come up with is at least 10 files. 

Below is the archive of previous month’s rewards from my Patreon. You can purchase these from my GUMROAD store. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you directly to the specific monthly pack. These packs feature single illustrations or short comics.

Please note that these packs are no longer available within my Patreon account, and I don’t offer them as rewards to my current patrons. They are exclusively available for purchase.