CLARIFICATION: Comics with the sign ” ARCHIVED ISSUE” are paid. The ARCHIVED ISSUES has nothing to do with the Archives here on my site.
The archived isssues on patreon cannot be seen inside my patreon either: the people who pledge $10 ( OBSERVERS tier on my patreon ) on my patreon has the right to send a Direct message/Personal message via patreon – to me and I will provide them the issue they need – one per month of their patronage. Click on the thumbnails – it should lead you to a gallery with few samples from the comics I’ve made.
It’s a good deal, because during the month of their patronage they can see my other updates and also they have the ability to commission me on a good price – for lineart works only.
I’m aware that there are people who don’t like Patreon. That’s why I made a GUMROAD account and the people can get these comics and collections from there.

The supporter packs include series of illustrations or pinups only – and their versions, sequence, or relevance by theme/niche. Most of my drawings are in high def format , 3300×4550 px , 100 dpi. You can get them from my GUMROAD store.