Here is the list of the comic strips I’ve created so far. Some of these can be seen here for free, others are part of my patreon archives. I’m doing my best to create comics to be seen here on my site for free, but I’m also working to keep those few of you, who are willing to join my patreon campaign happy with unique and interesting content. Below is the list of all the comics I created.
CLARIFICATION: Comics with the sign ” ARCHIVED ISSUE” are paid. You won’t see it here or inside of my patreon either, because it’s “archived”. In order to get these archived issues, you will need either to become a patron of mine by pledging for the OBSERVERS tier on my patreon, (means $10), ( and after you pledge it you will need to send me a direct message through patreon and I will send you the link to the comic. You can get 1 comic per month of your patronage ). OR you can buy those from my GUMROAD. Click on each thumb to see details about it.