The Request – part 1 and 2 (archived issue)

The Request is going to be a series of three comic strips. Currently, part 1 is done, finished, and available to the patrons who pledge to be Watchers inside my patreon. The story was inspired by a very old joke (dating from the end of 19th century) and came to life recently – becoming an article of blogs and similar. Part 1 has 11 pages. I’ve included part 2 into this very same batch. This is a pretty neat deal to the patrons who would pledge $10, as they’ll get both the parts of this story at the price of their patronage.
Those who pledge, and want to get this one, should contact me on DM and ask me to send them those two parts.
The non patrons can get it from my gumroad as well :

The Below article is the source of inspiration.